About Reho Med

About Reho Med

Reho-Med is a Division at Reho Solutions Corp, established in 2020, and is part of the global EZR group. Since then, Reho-Med was ISO certified and considered a highly reputable international company that offers tailor maid services of import and distribution mainly to laboratory products and medical devices.
Reho-Med collaboration brings high-standard products, the best rates, and immaculate services. We aim to meet our customer’s specific needs with the most cost-effective and comprehensive solutions. Our Products are tailored to your needs and specifications.

Our vision

To become proficient and recognized as a distributor in the Health Care sector field where leaders embrace diversity, employees feel highly appreciated, and customers value our inclusive approach to delivering premium quality services.

Our Mission

Reho-Med mission is to continuously exceed our customer’s and suppliers’ expectations by providing premium quality services by applying the most efficient and effective working systems to ensure the best results.