Reho Solutions Services

Acclimate Controlled 15-25C warehouse services:

We offer to our clients a 3000 SQF Temperature Controlled, 15-25C 3PL services. Our facility is located minutes away from JFK Airport. 24/7 Guarded, video monitoring, Temp and Humidity monitoring By Sensitech. High quality assurance standard, GDP compliance, TSA certified and great services!

Temperature Controlled Trucking, refer, services:

We offer to our clients a 24/7 temp-controlled trucking services. Pick up from the Airports and or location of choice requested by the customer. All our trucks/vans are routinely inspected prior to each use to ensure cleanliness and reefer functionality. Drivers are highly trained and TSA certified.

Active & passive thermal packages:

We offer to our clients a large range of solutions to keep the required
temperature for their products.
Solution option ranges from thermal blankets to VIP panel & PCM cooling elements for international shipping. Passive thermal packages from 4L to 1440L and in a various temp range, including Data Loggers. Active solutions are also available. All available in our facility.

temp controlled solutions

We also offer temp controlled solutions for domestic distribution activities, in a various sizes and temperature ranges.
After understanding our client’s needs, Reho Solution’s offers our custom-made solution. Which is designed to ensure efficiency and that the product’s integrity stays intact. Also suggest validation services.

Temperature controlled transport is our specialty.