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Temperature Controlled Package Recycling

Global Positioning of reverse program for Temperature Control Packaging – Use without Abuse

Temperature controlled pallets wear and tear, can take quit a space in your outcome column.
On one hand, you cannot allow your product to be shipped in sub-par containers,
On the other hand, how long can keep buying new ones?

ASM global positioning reverse Program – re certified systems condition to be ready for service again and again with fullest efficiently in mint conditioning

Checking al the Boxes
Our “Return for reuse” program is the ultimate solution for large-scale shippers who want to track and control their inventory, and reduce wastage to the absolute minimum.
We take care of your shipping-containers, from A to Z, checking and double-checking all the boxes:

  • Inspection
  • Inventory
  • Handling
  • Storage
  • Total lost parts maintenance and disposals  
  • Wear and tear Damaged assessment 
  • Parts (minor to medium) repairs 
  • Packing positioning technique for expedite reuse
  • Expedite priority service 
  • LTL logistics delivery to any Expeditors US POD

Delta T Pallets Shippers
ASM Team services on behalf of Delta T pallets shippers acting as US returned based program. 
ASM is certified and approved by Delta T governing a specific protocol return program.  

Our shippers return program is now available for US based Pharmaceutical Companies, enabling US based companies to maintain, manage, control and handle large size Delta T Pallet fleet, all year long

Reverse for re use 
Recycling is not always easy. However, many Life Science and Pharmaceutical organizations maintain a successful global positioning reverse program, finding the effort well worthwhile.
Benefiting both the earth and the bottom line,

Recycle and disposal of used passive climate temperature control packaging
When Temperature Controlled Containers are damaged beyond repair and had concluded their final shipping, it is our duty to make sure they are disposed in an Environment-Friendly manner and in compliance with all restrictions and regulations.

As part of our commitment to the environment, and to sound business practices, we have developed a recycling program, which is adapted to the unique materials, components and disposal protocol of temperature-controlled packaging.

Whether it is a recycling facility or a designated landfill, our long-time handling of isolation materials and refrigeration components, had made us expects in recycling and/or safe disposal.